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Our Influences, Background & Philosophies

Background & Influences for the Modalities We Teach

Prof. Erminio Di Pisa

Dr. Paret has personally researched and worked with many of the modern day masters of mesmerism and fascination. He has been part of various groups that aim to continue the old traditional Mesmerismus © and Campanelli’s system: in fact we have direct historical ties with the development of the Campanelli Stop Smoking System.

Dr. Paret personally presented to the world the Campanelli’s method for stopping smoking in 55 seconds. Campanelli’s fame, punctuated by his astounding results and many testimonies, has helped bring much public awareness to our field of teaching. His work has been studied worldwide by many scientific celebrities.

Fascination and Hypno-Magnetism

Dr. Paret is a disciple of Prof. Erminio Di Pisa. Prof. Erminio was a man marked by exceptional charm and energy. He specialized in instant hypnosis and healing as well as being a medium (psychic). Though Prof. Erminio lived and worked in Milan, he extensively travelled abroad too. One example of this was an invitation to South Korea where he carried out experiments in front of a crowd of thousands of people. He has chaired the Astrological Association of the Light since 1973, and was the director of the Centre of Instant Hypnosis. At the age of 14, Prof. Erminio fully devoted himself to the study of hypnotic techniques. He has hypnotized more than 250 000 persons. For several years, both the Italian state-owned radio and television have shown us his parapsychic exploits. These include collective hypnosis of a theatre audience, distance paranormal healing, and announcing the final result of the 'Corsa Tris', a horse racing event, fifteen minutes before it even started!

Anton MesmerMesmerism

The method elaborated by Franz Anton Mesmer allows healing to take place quite rapidly, especially when a group is formed and symbols are utilized. Many of the techniques we teach come from the lineage of Mesmer, Puysegur, Du Potet, Durville. Historically speaking, magnetism started after Mesmer combined with Puysegur and his disciple Baron du Potet, whose pioneering efforts were then taken further by the Durville brothers. The Durville brothers founded a secret order and we continue directly some of their techniques in our school today.


Our lineage in this field comes from Virgilio T. and Donato. Virgilio was one of our greatest inspirations in the field of animal magnetism, and he is capable of instantly fascinating another person. Donato is a historically significant character who inspired hundreds of individuals and experimenters, in doing so transforming the way animal magnetism was perceived during the 20th century. He would fascinate people simply by looking at them, and he impressed the whole of Europe due to this incredible ability. Even other fascinators were heavily impressed by his mastery. Though we are unable to prove it, there might even be a direct link between the said two individuals, given the far-reaching similarities in their methods of work. Donato, after all, performed for a long time in Turin, a city where he was even subjected to a scholarly examination by the renowned Professor Morselli, who authored a book about him. Virgilio’s own master likewise lived only a few kilometers away from Turin, and he might well have learnt some techniques from one of Donato’s students. What is certain however, is the existence of a high degree of mutual similarities in terms of techniques and approaches, so much so that the book “Fascination Magnétique”, written and inspired by Donato, might have equally been produced by our master Virgilio Torrizzano.


Our main influence for these teachings comes from the School of Presence in Nice and J.P. de Giudicelli (Rose Cross and other groups)


We have connections to various ancient groups that practice this discipline. However we are not authorized to publish the details of these groups - but if you contact us here we can tell you about this.

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Magnetic Lodge - Nice, France

To strengthen your mesmeric power we have created a very special Magnetic Lodge in Nice where we hold most of our training. The magnetic effect helps increase the effect of magnetism, mesmerism, fascination and other modalities we teach that utilise the transference of energy.

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