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The secrets and power of Hypnotic Fascination

The Eye in the ancient traditions symbolizes protection and the bringing of wisdom. The eye also symbolizes our ability to see with clarity and truthfulness.

What is interesting is that exists a technique that can help you to unleash that using exactly the eyes. The technique of FASCINATION.

The power of non verbal communication

Our communication is much more than the words we use.

Many have seen our videos about fascination. This is the power of non verbal communication in action.

In our school we have developed new and improved ways to do hypnosis, hypnotherapy, coaching and other modern techniques of the mind unleashing the power of some keys of the non verbal communication.

Mesmerism – an effective method for achieving balance and well being


Nowadays in the busyness of everyday life we are more stressed and preoccupied than ever. Many people seek answers and guidelines to help them during hard times. There are powerful solutions to find this answer, an answer that is within us.

Lafontaine mesmerisming a client illustration

Deep Hypnotic States Explained At A Quantum Level

In the deep states of hypnosis, we reach a level where we access a space before the ego and are connected with a deeper dimension of being. In quantum terms, we call this “the implicate level”.

Healing hands

Reawakening the Immune System With Mesmerism

Through Mesmerism & fascinative therapies, there is undoubtedly a natural healing capacity that can be developed. This article explains how this works & what is happening within.

Lady in fantasy dreamscape world

Dreams: Gateways to the Past, Present & Future

Dreams play a very important role in our lives. We all have them, but what purpose do they really serve? In this article I am going to share with you my insights as to why dreams occur and how they are linked with the past, the present and the future.

Cosmic background

The Power of Silence - Non-Verbal Hypnosis

The fact of the matter is that many hypnotherapists simply can't get their clients to see such results. In particular, Ericksonian hypnotists have a lot of difficulties instating such rapid deep levels of trance and extreme responsiveness to suggestion because they only 'scratch the surface' so to speak.

Old color photo of Anton Mesmer

A History of Mesmerism & Anton Mesmer

Imagine this – you are sitting in a theatre and you find you are absolutely “mesmerised” by the speaker. Chances are you won’t dance, sleep, swoon, or fall into convulsions. But if Franz Anton Mesmer was addressing the audience, such behaviour would not be unusual. The word ‘mesmerise’ has lived on, but who was the person behind it? Why was he so famous?

Map of the mind

Brainwave Levels - Beta, Alpha, Theta & Delta States

Our brains contribute enormously to the state of our minds. While most of us focus on looking at our emotions to become happier and more spiritual, our brainwaves, and our subconscious mind, also play a key part on our journey for fulfilment.

Mind projecting

Does the Hypnotist Impose Their Own Will During Hypnosis?

I think if a person is seriously ill, it doesn’t interest them whether the magic which helps is black or white, just that it helps. When the person agrees that the hypnotist is allowed to impose his will, then it is okay.