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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ concerning Mesmerismus ©

Why do you use the name Mesmerismus ©?
Mesmerismus © is a registered name. We use it so as not to be confused with the concept of Mesmerism, and so as to confer a stamp of quality and originality on what we are doing. Our mesmerismus © re-establishes connection with Nature.

Why is this school unique?
Our school is the main source for these techniques. Before the moment in which Dr. Paret diffused these traditions of gaze, fascination and true mesmerism there was nothing readily available. There was only scattered and individual traditions. We know it because we searched for it on the internet and everywhere. There was nobody diffusing this type of information on the internet before us, both in west as in east. Nobody was teaching these techniques. Only after our revelations, people began to rediscover magnetism and mesmerism. So we can truly say that everything you may find in these fields now on the market is derived from us. And we still have all the connections to the original lineages. We can therefore give our students the possibility to reach the higher levels.

What is fascination?
Fascination is the power of the gaze. If it were not for the researches of Dr. Paret and Max Tira, the methodology for using it rightly had been lost. Dr. Paret and Max Tira got in contact with Virgilio T, a master fascinator of the past, they became his students and got this powerful technique.

Is Mesmerismus © a form of mental control?
The first mental control which is required in the practice of magnetism is the control over our own selves. The concept is identical to the one which is used by those martial arts having as their aim the attainment of self-mastery. As Lao-Tse has said: “Whoever beats other people is strong, but whoever beats his own self is truly powerful”. In order to attain results, the focus must stay on mastering one’s own energy. In actual fact, the mesmeric practitioner hypnotizes himself with a view to hypnotizing the person he is dealing with.  Students that have a specific interest can even go further. They can be admitted to an ancient and very secret hermetic tradition of self-development with Egyptian origins. So they can prosecute the Path and attain higher levels not only on their subjects, but even on themselves.

What is the relationship between mesmerismus © and Neuro-Linguistic Programming?
Neuro-Linguistic Programming might be complementary to our discipline, but the departure point is different. Neuro-Linguistic Programming is founded on the concept of a “dominant channel”, whereas magnetism, being the way of gaining access to the sixth sense, to the so-called quintessence, to true intuition and magnetic strength, can only emerge after one has equally developed the other five channels. In other seminars we present a discipline that goes beyond classical NLP, called NLP 3 and was conceived by Dr. Paret. It is very practical for organizations and relationship consulting. It is based on quantum principles and on a central direction of development.

What is the relationship between mesmerismus © and quantum techniques?
There is quite a close connection indeed. Nay, modern quantum concepts are actually strengthened by mesmerismus ©. That is so, in particular, of the concept of entanglement, which has a strict correspondence with what we can ascertain during the so-called “magnetic action”, which is an action that can even take place at a distance. Dr. Paret participates in a network of researchers on quantum disciplines.

How can magnetism complement verbal hypnosis?
Hypnosis as currently practiced is essentially verbal. Magnetism and Mesmerismus © are non-verbal. Words are endowed with a lower density than gestures. What is non-verbal is denser than the verbal. The self, the ego, is primarily verbal, whereas one’s inward being is mostly non-verbal. The body is non-verbal. The more one is in touch with one’s essential inward identity, the greater is the balance which is thus established. Repossessing the body is the path leading one back to his essential being.

This is something that for the western man is sometimes is difficult to understand. Dr Paret has therefore developed a specific method to help people to go in this direction. The methods work very well because we see many of our students practicing with efficacy. Note how the body and the non-verbal are also the basis for higher states as it was stated by the ancient hermetists:

"This body, a mere eight hands tall, comprises the world, is the creation of the world, the end of the world and the path that leads to the resolution of the world" (Pernety)

These words strongly complement the Tabula Smaragdina:

"That which is above is as that which is below, and that which is below is as that which is above, for the performance of the miracles of the one thing"

In which field is mesmerismus © particularly effective?
Whenever hypnosis is resorted to, magnetism has the ability of amplifying its effect. What is different, however, is that the approach which Mesmerismus © takes pays great regard to the body, and undoubtedly operates at a more subliminal level than classical hypnosis. As for the speed at which results materialize, results might be within closer reach due to the fact that the non-verbal is denser than the verbal, as the latter follows the speed of words. We strive always to provide the most simple, rapid and effective techniques in the world.

How are these techniques able to uplift hypnosis?
The simpler the hypnosis, the more immediately effective it becomes. The non-verbal is simpler than the verbal. The primary reality is indeed the non-verbal reality.

How can an ordinary person perceive Mesmerismus ©?
Each person has a body. The key, as far as many people are concerned, lies in recovering the bodily perception, which so many people deny to themselves. The truth is that all the patients are very happy about the therapies, and they invariably record excellent results.

We have witnessed in the past some people who opposed Mesmerism, Why was that so?
Those are opinions which date back to 200 years ago, and which were in any event expressed by people who were not practitioners of it. We are unable to witness, throughout history, individuals accustomed to practicing mesmerism professionally who happened to be dissatisfied with the results achieved through it. Magnetism is simple, and it is precisely for this reason that one whose mind is complex, the type of man, that is, who is excessively intelligent, fails to understand it. A simple person is better equipped to understand Mesmerismus © than a scientist who eschews every effort to work on his own self and discover his true essence. In other words, the more one progresses in the field of external knowledge, the more he distances himself from the comprehension of matters which are not in need of being learned, only of being heard. In any event, apart from its opponents, it would be fitting to mention the supporters of mesmerism as well. There have in fact always been people of the highest caliber and intelligence, such as Hegel and Schopenhauer, who had by contrast positively embraced such discipline. Even when Dr Paret proposed mesmerism again to the western world for the first time there were attacks but after results could not be denied.

Why does one refer to “Animal Magnetism”?
Magnetism is something natural. Animals, too, possess it. The more man, who is part and parcel of nature, establishes harmony with it, the greater his capability to accomplish his goals. It is, moreover, through the acceptance of his animal part, which in any event exists in him, and the concomitant acceptance of his very basic sensibility, that he can fully become human. The world magnetism is very appropriate. Even the concepts of “law of attraction” resort to magnetism, as magnetism and attraction are the same concept.

Why should we not simply call it hypnosis making use of the chi or hypnosis by prana, as opposed to “Animal Magnetism”?
Those two names might be equally valid variants. The “fluid” which Mesmer speaks of is the same as the prana and the chi of the Eastern nations. The problem is that too many people among those who practice disciplines where one works with energies “imagine” energy instead of “feeling” it. Imagining might actually be useful on some occasions, but only at an initial stage. Once such stage is passed, one necessarily has to feel energy. The word “animal” might prove to be of benefit in order to arrive at a more essential perception. Animals do not imagine, and they are in addition more sensitive to energies. Let us also bear in mind, in this context, the concept to the effect that the self must give in to one's essential inward individuality (which is likewise animal per se). The ability to truly feel has been admirably articulated by Master Lao-Tse in his Tao Te King: “The masters of yore were free, clairvoyants, intuitive: Within the vast expanse of their spirit’s forces, the Self still lay unconscious: It was this unconsciousness of the interior force which conferred greatness on their appearance". Also there is a different approach and framework in western practices and eastern practices. As in our school we present both, we know very well the differences and similarities.

I watched a video, which showed a person acting as if he were automated guided by some remote control
It is indeed true that one can obtain extremely powerful results through the use of magnetism. Due, however, to the fact that, when we practice it, we establish contact with the foundational part of our own selves, no risks are incurred. Throughout the history of the discipline, there is no record attesting to the occurrence of negative cases.

Is magnetism based on an emphatic relationship?
We might say that, quite frequently, magnetism does establish a close rapport. We might even go as far as stating that the two terms are indistinguishable, inasmuch as the term emphatic relationship refers to the communicative level, whereas the word magnetism relates to a different level of the same reality which is definable, if one has recourse to quantum terminology, to correlation (or more precisely, entanglement).

What is the purpose of magnetic “passes”?
The governing principle is the following: Energy follows attention as its subordinate. The passes and the movements thus guide the attention in focusing not just on the patient but also on the operator. They have the effect of steering attention, and, thus, of steering the energy as well.

Does a fluid truly exist?
The fluid represents “vital energy”. In Eastern disciplines, it is called either prana or chi. But it is important not to stay in words or concepts. What is important is to feel. The fluid is linked to the relevant person's vitality. Whoever recognizes it will be able to recognize life. It serves no benefit to discuss what it actually is. What matters is that one should recognize it. When it comes to knowing what it actually is, we are legitimately entitled to follow what Lao-Tse has to say: “Knowing not to know is the quality of the sage. Thinking that we know is a disease”. We do not actually know what this reality we call fluid, which is moreover augmented by developing one’s consciousness, precisely amounts to.

Is Mesmerismus © a form of placebo?
As regards energy and its effects, there are actually several studies attesting to the contrary. In any event, it should be additionally stressed that Mesmerismus © is not just energy. One part of it becomes blurred with what we call by the name hypnosis. If we are inclined to regard hypnosis as a placebo, then that one part of Mesmerismus ©, too, is placebo, albeit one displaying effects which are not attainable through traditional or Ericksonian forms of hypnosis, at least not at the same level of consistency and consciousness.

Does one have to believe in something in order to practice Mesmerismus ©?
The first results might be obtained even without believing in any thing, but it is indisputable that having a positive belief does ultimately generate the hoped for result. We should once again remember here that energy follows thought as its subordinate, and we therefore create our own reality. It might in such case be useful to be steeped in a reality where it is possible to achieve results which, would otherwise not be attainable. In order to make ourselves even clearer, we would like to point out that a materialistic discipline will never be able to accomplish certain results which are achievable through  magnetism, as any such discipline already sets limits on its scope by defining itself as materialistic, and thereby negating other possibilities which are not empirically measurable.

Why it the gaze so important?
Energy goes where attention goes, and attention goes where eyes go.

How can one define a person as being “magnetic”?
The path developed in our school ISI-CNV is very useful for developing personal magnetism and charisma. Contrary to the prevailing idea, magnetism has no need to impose any thing. In actual fact, it obtains things naturally. A magnetic person adopts a communicative position which suits the relevant situation. He neither guides nor follows. Rather, he decides what to do. If we so wish, we might give a better explanation of that by borrowing the words of Lao-Tse: “The wise man is free from preferences and prejudices. He is rather strong in his innermost being. Therefore he leads, without either being aware of such fact or even having a desire for it”.

Additional FAQ (more technical)

Do you make use of mesmeric tools such as the bacquet?
The bacquet was a method which used to be resorted to so as to reawaken magnetism and as well as our receptiveness to take in vital energy. Other methods, which are their equivalent in principle and yet are more suitable to our present times, might consist in being immersed in a natural environment, in being, that is, in contact with Nature.

It is possible to carry out showbiz experiments by using mesmerism?
The answer would undoubtedly be in the affirmative. We know that there are plentiful persons who do dislike the idea of therapeutic means being exposed in public. An identical consideration applies to hypnosis used as a form of spectacular show, a phenomenon that is not to every body’s liking. As a matter of fact, however, the public exhibitions of hypnosis do increase interest in the subject, given the fact that in our modern age the way an issue is spoken about it not as important as the extent to or the frequency by which it is debated.

The data show nevertheless that every professional hypnotist notices an increase in the number of his patients in the aftermath of a hypnosis show, which somebody else has conducted. In any case, however, and quite regardless of the opinion one might subjectively entertain, if a person dislikes seeing a pain being removed or a person being healed, then any such thought cannot but derive from his prejudice. Despite that, the greater the number of people who see themselves as having being healed and living better, which is something a person blessed by luck might experience on his own self, the more is it possible to understand the validity of the Art.

Can Mesmerismus © induce a person to fall into a state of dependence on another individual?
No. It is undeniable that in the induced state one can detect a state of extreme and powerful sympathy being established between the magnetic and the patient he is magnetizing. This is in fact one of the oddest phenomena. The sensibility, which is engendered, is such that one of the two individuals might be able to feel the sensations of the other. The existing feeling, however, resembles more the one, which prevails between two female twins than anything else. It is thus no accident that studies have been carried out for the sake of understanding the resemblance with states that have been shown by observation to exist between twins. It is this feeling which ensures the materialization of the operator’s vitality and his desire to occasion wellbeing in his patient. Be it as it may, the connection is one between two unconscious sides, between two inward beings, and the inward being is more knowledgeable about what a person wants than the external, egotistic self.

How is it possible to measure magnetism empirically?
It cannot be doubted that instances of healing do occur. Even the most obstinate opponents of mesmerism in the past have never denied that significant improvements had been brought about through its practice. Jussieu himself, prior to the establishment of the first French commission on the subject, spoke of indisputable “tonic and salutary” effects.

There are several researchers who have undertaken studies on the subject of the existence or otherwise of a human energy and its effects. These studies are interrelated with those, which have been conducted on the efficacy of prayer or the whole field of paranormal activities in general. The circumstance that a number of serious scientists have concerned themselves with the issue, and even gone as far as writing books on it, already represents an interesting point. Not a single one of the scientists who in his finding had verified the existence of concrete results ever changed his opinion subsequently. As a norm, experiments are very difficult to bring off in this field, inasmuch as the effects of a superior wellbeing produced by magnetism are the consequential result of increased vitality, which might be translated as a combination of vitality, serenity and happiness that has been brought about by its practice.
Measuring magnetism is like attempting to reach some unequivocal measurement of a person’s happiness. Present-day science is not only unable to measuring these concepts, but even to define them.

There are in any event hundreds of documented cases of positive results having been obtained and of successful healing having occurred since the times of Esdaile. It might be more useful to concern ourselves with what works rather than to spend time seeking to unravel the mechanisms of how it works. How can present-day science measure concepts, that pertain to consciousness and science is not even able to define?

Eastern and Western Approach

Do you use in Mesmerism something similar to the Chakra System?
The answer is definitively yes. But the methodology is different. Modern human being must firstly stop his concentration on the mind if he wants to enter them. It is less important to find the individual point and it is more important to understand that they are different ways of being and perceiving.
The practitioner must discover them instead of learning them. In magnetism there are three main centers of action (poles) that must be activated. Already working on the three is sufficient for most therapeutical purposes. This is done in our magnetic path at our ISI-CNV school. Working with presence and doing the exercises of this path will help to discover the other four. Activation for higher purposes will be done in a spiral order that is more efficient for the modern western human being.

How is the situation in Orient about magnetism and mesmerism?
Magnetism was traditionally known in India, as even Esdaile noted. But the applications and some methods were different and Esdaile opened a Mesmeric clinic in Calcutta that was pretty successful.

What are the advantages for an oriental practitioner of magnetic healing arts in following your seminar?
It is a different tradition. At our school you can learn here from the source, and our training can be very complimentary to his work. Mesmerismus © is a very efficient method for all the modern ailments of the human being.

What is the Campanelli’s method?
We are the original teachers of this method and we have many documents about it. Dr Paret truly outlined it and can be considered the co-father of it, as without his intervention the method had been lost… Now we are happy to see the method is trending around the world.

What's the added value of Dr. Paret in teaching magnetism and fascination?
Magnetism is a very ancient technique, but dr. Paret has done new original discoveries that makes it very practical to learn and to practice giving an incredible added value to this discipline. What is important are the results. These new discoveries help people to get to a very direct and experimental perception of phenomena that are very technical. Many of the principles and phenomena we have discovered  not even published before. These principles can be used for therapeutical purposes in today's world and for personal developments

Dr. Paret has also developed the fastest and simplest methods known today for fascination and enhancing magnetism. We hope in the future more and more people will become aware of these discoveries. Already now, through our students and emulators, the new principles discovered in our institute are becoming the basis for a new teaching and practice of these techniques very adapt to our modern world.

"That which is above is as that which is below, and that which is below is as that which is above, for the performance of the miracles of the one thing"

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