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About ISI-CNV Institute

ISI-CNV in partnership with the International University

ISI-CNV logo Dr. Marco Paret founded ISI-CNV (International Institute of Hypnosis and NLP) in 1992. The life of the Institute is distinguished by many successes, both in the field of training and research. In fact, Marco Paret is the ideological father of NLP-3, the new paradigm of Neuro-Linguistic Programming advanced. Years of tight cooperation between the ISI-CNV trainers lead to the birth of a research team that has developed in an official institution: the ISI-CNV research center, founded in 2004.

Higher education Mental Practical Sciences

Neuroscience - Tibetan mysticism - Scientific Hypnosis - Western and Eastern esoteric paths of power and therapy

We are the only institution with an international curriculum aimed at researchers and students, in order to achieve the highest levels of mental Sciences! Our training center is mainly based in Nice, France, but we have offices and hold courses worldwide.

Head researchers for the ISI-CNV

Dr. Marco Paret

Dr. Marco
Chief of the ISI-CNV
Site: www.marcoparet.com

Prof. Aldo Setti

Prof. Aldo Setti
Communications professor at the Università Telematica Guglielmo Marconi di Roma article.
Site: www.aldosetti.com

Prof. Giuliano Capani

Prof. Giuliano Capani
Prof. the University of Salento. Expert 'Tarantism'.
Site: www.giulianocapani.info

Prof. René William Leon

Prof. René William Leon
CAIRN Coordinator in Nepal
Site: www.dzogchen.ws

Core team for the ISI-CNV

Dr. Marco Paret NLP Master Trainer, Sho - director
Dr. William Rene Leon D. Ph.D - Director of Cairn, co-director of ISI-CNV / Asia
Prof. J.Pierre Giudicelli Ph.D. D. - Professor of ancient tradition studies

Other affiliate partners & networking

Institutional Nepal (network) collaboration

CAIRN (Nepal) / branch Institute ISI-CNV in Nepal (Kathmandu)

  • Social services of St-Xavier
  • Campus St-Xavier
  • Kunphen Tibetan clinic
  • Tibetan clinical Kailash
  • Dr. Jampa Tibetan clinic
  • Holistic clinic Shechen Monastery Gompa
  • Shamans tenorio healing network
  • Recid NGO (Ethnomedicine)
  • Dr. Tsering clinic (TB PHC)
  • Several other I / NGOs and NGOs

Indian collaborations (CAIRN affiliate network)

  • CIHTS (Benares / Sarnath)
  • ITTM (Sikkim)
  • HHDL Tibetan medicine and Astro Institute (Dharamsala)
  • Amchi Jampa (Sikkim)
  • Amchi Trogawa Rimpoche (Sikkim)
  • Tibetan collaboration (Tibet / China Tar resources)
  • Men-Tsee-Khan (Lhasa)

Other professors engaging in research CAIRN

  • Prof Mike Singleton, laap UCL
  • Prof Ian Clegg, SWA U CDS UK
  • Prof. HMJ, SWA U SCAD e-Learning
  • Dr. E. Massone - acupuncturist based in Nice, France
  • Prof. Jean Pierre Giudicelli - one of the world's leading experts in 'Presence'

For Enquiries or Bookings...

For all training inquiries please call:

0039 34 82 21 34 49 (France)

Our friendly staff will be able to help with any further information you have, or to make a booking.

Magnetic Lodge - Nice, France

To strengthen your mesmeric power we have created a very special Magnetic Lodge in Nice where we hold most of our training. The magnetic effect helps increase the effect of magnetism, mesmerism, fascination and other modalities we teach that utilise the transference of energy.

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