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ISI-CNV Mesmerism & Hypnosis Training Academy / Université Européenne llp

Learn Real Mesmerism, NLP-3, Fascination, Gaze, Hypnotism & Quantum Psychology!

Personal training courses in Nice, France as well as internationally!

Dr. Marco is an internationally recognized trainer. His courses are unique, certified & beneficial for students of any level. These are suitable for both practicing therapists (hypnotherapists, counsellors, alternative therapy practitioners etc.) as well as for individuals wanting greater empowerment in their life.

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Marco doing mesmerism

Learn traditional mesmerism & Mesmerismus® methods to promote mental empowerment, wellbeing & success in your life!

Fascination & Gaze

Fascination in action

With these techniques you can learn how to influence others and yourself. Learning Fascination means learning the hidden keys of the gaze.


Presence in action!

Teaching the art of becoming 'present' to magnify the effect when treating others of for your own personal empowerment.


NLP certificates awarded

Learn NLP and how to apply the techniques both professionally and personally. Home of the advanced methods of NLP 3!

Quantum PSI

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Quantum Psi is a new technology that rediscovers the fundamentals of human genius and of the highest achievements of the mind. It is based on recent theoretical research.


Hypnosis in action

A range hypnotism training courses learn about the traditional methods of hypnosis and how to apply these in a therapeutic environment (hypnotherapy).

Coaching - Magnetic Success

Coaching magnetism

This course will teach you how to help your clients with mesmerism & magnetism, applying the methds in a practitioner environment..

Coaching - Hypnosis

Dr Marco teaching

Learn powerful ancient hypnotic techniques to help your clients, plus quantum concepts for life coaching & business coaching!

Coaching - Quantum

Quantum coaching

Quantum coaching uses the system of Luxmind inside a coaching paradigm to help a person to be herself and develop his/her potentials.

Upcoming Courses

All Upcoming Courses (English Speaking)

Below is a list of Dr. Marco's upcoming courses and events. If the course you wish to participate in is not listed, please contact us here and we can take your details to begin organizing a new course. Once we receive sufficient numbers for that course we will get back to you with dates and location. This is the same process if you would like to do training outside of France. Dr. Marco is available by request for group bookings as well as when there is sufficient demand for international training in any part of the world. Please contact us here for more details.

Next certified courses: 15-21 (Basis) and 22-27 MAY (Advanced) 2018 - Nice (French Riviera)

05/15/2018 to 05/27/2018

On the 6 days Magnetic Path you will gain International Certification and you will learn...


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Prochains séminaires en français: 21 - 30 Novembre

11/21/2017 to 11/30/2017

6 Days Advanced Course is for those who have already completed the 'Personal Mesmerism' training and wish to apply this to clients.

Group of students

Next certified courses: 3-14 October 2017 Nice (French Riviera)

10/03/2016 to 10/14/2016

1b Rue Docteur Barety, Nice France

On the 6 days Magnetic Path you will gain International Certification and you will learn...

Course Locations - Nice, France & International

Courses in Nice, France (Home of Dr. Paret)

Photos of Nice, France

Regular training events and seminars with Dr Paret are typically held in Nice alongside the beautiful French Riviera. In the past our training sessions have been designed for smaller groups. We are now proud to offer our training courses several times a year to groups of around 15 people.

We offer great early bird discounts on our courses. For our international students we are happy to assist in finding great value accommodation, so that participants can relax and make the most of this remarkable learning opportunity without the typical stresses of traveling abroad.

International Courses (All countries )

International flags

Dr. Marco regularly travels overseas to conduct training events in many other countries. This is dependent upon schedule, participant numbers, location and cost. To view the upcoming international training schedule - please click here.

If you would like to participate in, or organize, training in your country please contact us below. We will take your details and put you in touch with the right representative for this.


Training seminars operate strictly on a first come first served basis so we urge you to secure your place early. Once your booking has been confirmed you will be directed to reading materials that will get you started, both practically and theoretically, on this incredible adventure.

A summary of what you will learn in the different courses

2 students doing mesmerism togetherMan and universe are inextricably linked together. Here you will find the most comprehensive information and training available on the Secret Science of Animal Magnetism and Real Fascination updated with the most recent of quantum discoveries. Everything you will learn has been verified by our team of researchers headed by two University Professors and medical doctors specializing in the enhancement of human potentialities.

This training connects the inner preparation of the hypnotist to inner alchemical rejuvenation techniques. We have updated these technologies with the most recent studies on man and mind whilst keeping true to the spirit of the ancients. Here you will learn the cosmology and symbology that will allow you to access the power of 'Quantum Reality'. This power is known as magnetism. Magnetism is the natural force that you will learn to harness in your life - allowing you to master the techniques of rejuvenation that strengthen your bodily organs and assist in retaining your youth.

This is where the past meets the future to guide you toward the most important achievements possible for human beings on this earthly plane.

What makes these techniques of magnetic and hypnotic fascination useful?

Professional hypnotists will learn techniques allowing them to hypnotize clients immediately - WITHOUT WORDS. This non-verbal approach is highly effective. These techniques can be used to create DEEP TRANCES in which clients will be able to communicate how best their cure can be effected or even the words more suitable for transformation (technically known as Puysegur's method). In the majority of cases the client will not remember what they said while in trance to the therapist yet will report feeling the effects and realize complete transformation of their issue regardless.

Furthermore, these techniques can be much easier to work with than standard verbal techniques. This is because the non-verbal is more dense than the verbal. The non-verbal is inborn and simple, whilst the verbal needs to extensive training to master its complexities. The external self is primarily verbal, whereas one's inward identity is primarily non-verbal.

In other words: The simpler hypnosis is - the more direct the results will be.

Why use Deep Trance states?

Deep trance states can be very useful insofar as they allow your client to experience the deeper dimensions of inner experience. Your client's sense of connection with the universe will feel more pronounced and they will feel transformed at a very deep level after returning from this wonderful state. Deep hypnosis uses an approach that differs from the techniques of hypnotherapy where the ego's wiring is used to re-frame behavior. Thought is the activity of the exterior self and is really no more profound than an inner dialogue serving to delay and conceal self-perception. Self Perception, on the other hand, already knows what needs to be done and how to do it.

Deep states of hypnosis allow us to access the space prior to the ego and experience real connection with our own deeper dimensions. This is what is known as the 'implicate level' in quantum theory. At these levels, both physical and psychological, healing becomes spontaneous and results are achieved much more quickly than ever before. This is because the subjective state of the client is at a specific level and much freer of material constraints which means they can move beyond their past conditioning and become more in touch with their inner core. It is within this inner core that the client connects with natural wisdom and allows spontaneous healing to occur. It is impossible to experience the extent of the joy within the deeper levels available to the self without first entering these deep trance states.

These technologies and skill sets have many useful applications. Over the years our school has continued to develop new techniques and applications from the results of our continued research into these areas. Therapeutic applications of these techniques include addiction treatments (e.g. Campanelli's Stop Smoking in 45 seconds method), phobia/trauma cures and methods of anxiety relief. There are applications for relieving migraine headaches, muscular tensions, digestive problems and many other varieties of psycho-physical disorders. Other uses of these techniques include the acceleration of learning speeds and creativity through quantum methodologies, as well as inner development and the strengthening of personal magnetism. Researchers will soon realize the import of these methods in the investigation of paranormal phenomena and awakening of inner energies whilst the business minded individuals will quickly grasp the importance of mastering the POWER OF GAZE and of REAL ANIMAL MAGNETISM in real world goal achievement.

Modern Quantum and Ethological Scientific Explanations

Gaze can fascinate and enchant…

From ancient times people have used the power of gaze to achieve various goals. Well known examples include yogis, hypnotists, priests and leaders. The gaze, in many cases, proved more powerful than any words they may have said. With this gaze they would 'connect' to the consciences of others allowing a transmission of thoughts and emotions away from conscious interference.

Hypnotic Fascination and Modern Hypnosis

The greatest challenge for the hypnotist in modern hypnosis is the gaining and maintaining of rapport. In contrast, for the practitioner of Hypnotic Fascination the difficulty lies in keeping the client from reacting too quickly and too deeply. Put another way - in Hypnosis the word is King; in Hypnotic Fascination thought reigns supreme.

Modern Hypnosis relies on relaxation to achieve its aims making it much slower than Hypnotic Fascination which focuses instead on tension. With Fascination it is possible to induce complete amnesia within 3-4 seconds of the induction. This is true even in people who have never been fascinated before. Research into hypnotic phenomena has found that states of non-suggestive amnesia is closely tied to the experiencing of profound subjective states.

There is great therapeutic value in change work initiated within states of fascination and in order to present this subject as completely and coherently as possible we are providing the following scientific explanation of fascination and its associated mechanisms. It is important to understand that what follows are theoretical speculations about the workings of an undeniable reality still under research.

Marco with client hypnotised on floorFascination and Quantum Science

Fascination may be usefully defined as intense observation within limited contexts of relationship. The attention of the Fascinator becomes completely bound to the person they are observing. Interestingly, the results of this process appear to conform to the laws of the quantum sciences.

The observer influences the reality he is observing «Heisenberg

Fascination, put simply, exists as a relationship of observation; the observation of the operator is that which creates and influences perceived reality.

The state of fascination is best understood as different to that usually referred to as 'trance' in regular hypnosis. Another use of fascination is to influence and persuade, and the term is used in common parlance to describe the charismatic manner of one able to unequivocally hold the attention of some other(s). The techniques of fascination proper, however, enable us to obtain results not achievable through verbal suggestion. Unlike regular hypnosis, subjects often report total amnesia of the experience. It appears, then, that the state of fascination has a physiological as well as a psychological basis.

For researchers of hypnotic principles and phenomena, the state of fascination is one of the most amazing states we can induce and experience. Physiological markers of fascination include relaxation of jaw muscles and open eyes displaying little to no movement. Subjectively, the attention of the client remains concentrated on the Fascinator allowing for the clear and immediate transmission of ideas which are, in most cases, acted upon without delay. It is common for the eyes of the fascinated person to be fixed upon the gaze of the Fascinator with such intensity that looking away becomes almost impossible.

Fascination and Brain Wave Activity

Training in the techniques of fascination appears to induce states of high excitation accompanied by corresponding gamma wave brain activity in students. Gamma waves are brain wave patterns associated with perception and consciousness. Experimental studies of advanced Tibetan Buddhist meditators have consistently shown high frequency coherent Gamma wave EEG fluctuations (30 to 90 cycles per second). This (when compared to 10 cycles per second Alpha wave activity of novice meditators) indicates that within the brains of advanced meditators are thousands of neurons firing in perfect synchronization at widely spaced locations. Normal, and by comparison, slow neural processes are incapable of producing the perfect neural timing exhibited in these studies. This has led some researchers to suggest strange 'non-local' quantum activity as a possible coordinator of these coherent oscillations. Thus it is likely that thought transference and other associated phenomena are made possible via states of brain wave (specifically Gamma wave) synchrony.

Samadhi, Presence and Gamma Waves

Training in fascination techniques bears, in terms of experiential outcomes, striking similarities to what psychologists define as heightened consciousness. Known as Samadhi in the meditative traditions, heightened consciousness is an experience unclouded by cognitive contents. It is usually arrived at it through a gradual process of disciplining the mind and learning how to focus, to the exclusion of all else, the object of attention. This technique is a basic exercise of fascination training.

Some traditional schools of meditation believe that Samadhi results from pointed concentration spanning 12 X 12 X 12 seconds (1728 seconds or 28.48 consecutive minutes). It is interesting to note that 30 minutes is quite commonly prescribed in certain traditions as the ideal length for practices aimed at attainment of higher powers.

(Note: To understand how this relates to spirituality please check out the relevant sections listed in our articles section. It is important to be aware that scientific explanations are never the 'truth'. The only 'real' truths are those that we personally witness. Scientific explanations are merely attempts at objectifying our subjective experiences.)

Another interesting connection between the states we create in fascination, brain activity and traditional understandings lies in the aristocratic notion of 'presence'. This activity of presence, sometimes described as the process of de-conceptualization, also involves attention being focused on a single point. The emphasis in this instance, however, is on the release of all other objects - a 'letting go' of everything save the focus of the meditation itself. When this is achieved the individual, through the release of all unwanted cognitive contents, is able to enjoy pure, unmediated experiences of reality.

In each of these examples there is the common theme of long term concentration practice enabling practitioners to network their brains more effectively and efficiently. Authentic fascinators are invariably intelligent and quick minded which, all else being equal, is likely to be a result of long term concentration training. Importantly, the benefits of meditation appear to have a cumulative effect. Advanced practitioners have higher baseline gamma synchronicity, suggestive of higher general awareness, concentration and consciousness. There is research demonstrating a thickening of the cortical grey matter of long term meditators in areas of the brain that normally show size reduction as a function of age. Transient periods of synchronized neurons firing over the gamma waveband, composed of entire banks of neurons from various cortical locales, have been proposed as likely mechanisms for bringing distributed matrices of cognitive processes together to generate coherent and concerted cognitive activities like perception. Put simply: the solution to the so-called Binding Problem of Neuropsychology will likely be found through greater understanding of Gamma wave function.

Fascination in the Animal Kingdom

Gamma waves can also be facilitated by strong emotions. This is apparent in the animal kingdom where something akin to human fascination may be seen in at least two specific instances:

Marco pointing up- Within the sexual sphere - when the animal sees a potential mate
- Within the hunting sphere - when the animal stalks and catches prey

There are many accounts of animals fascinating each other. Serpents, for example, seem to be able to fascinate birds and other creatures. Thus it seems animals have an intuitive ability to evoke the state of fascination in appropriate circumstances as a natural and necessary course of action. While it is rare to witness these instances of fascination in urban environments, for those living in country areas it is much more common and is seen as nothing out of the ordinary.

If we accept that the rational mind and society are relatively recent supra-structures in the human sphere then it becomes possible to view fascination from an ethological perspective. When we remove from our analysis modern notions of power we are left with the question: How, in primitive environments, was it possible to ascertain the superiority of another? We find our answer in the 'gaze'. Many primates will stare each other in the eye as a challenge of superiority. The same may be observed in human interaction - that is - the direct gaze is a manifestation of superiority that automatically triggers encoded reactive behaviors in our brains.

Fascination and Kundalini

Another aspect of fascination training is the awakening of the inner life force. Almost all traditions have some version of this practice - namely that the life force within us can be enhanced and directed through the use of specific exercises. Most people in the Western world have heard of the concept of Kundalini. In Kundalini we find a striking similarity to the developmental techniques of practical fascination.

In Eastern yogic teachings, Kundalini (a form of corporeal energy) is awakened through specific meditative practices. Kundalini activation is described by means of the chakra system. Chakras are the nerve complexes or centers of force and consciousness located within the inner bodies of man. These psycho-spiritual energy centers are situated along the spine and, according to Hindu tradition, Kundalini, once activated at the root chakra, proceeds upwards through the spinal channel (Shushumna), continuing to activate each chakra as it passes through. Also defined as Prana (the life sustaining vital force of the body) or Pranic awakening, this intensified life-energy (pranotthana) is believed to originate from a reservoir of subtle bio-energy at the base of the spine.


We believe the fascinator, through practice, is capable of producing within his/herself a state of synchronization between the various glands and nerve centers of the body. These centers correspond to the chakras of Pranic theory and, furthermore, this synchronization is reflected in measurable gamma wave activity in the brain. We believe the brain, as an element with the function of coordinating the various parts of the body, by synchronizing the various glands and nerve centers of the body/mind system is able to create optimal states for the achievement of the higher reaches of human potentiality.

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Magnetic Lodge - Nice, France

To strengthen your mesmeric power we have created a very special Magnetic Lodge in Nice where we hold most of our training. The magnetic effect helps increase the effect of magnetism, mesmerism, fascination and other modalities we teach that utilise the transference of energy.

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