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The secrets and power of Hypnotic Fascination

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The Eye in the ancient traditions symbolizes protection and the bringing of wisdom. The eye also symbolizes our ability to see with clarity and truthfulness.

What is interesting is that exists a technique that can help you to unleash that using exactly the eyes. The technique of FASCINATION.

The technique of Fascination is linked to the secret power of the eye, and to the power of the gaze. Developing the power of fascination, a person is even able to heal and work with the life force.

These techniques bring us to the tradition of healing with the power of the gaze that has proven valid through the centuries.

Fascination can develop vitality, health and regenerationIt is possible to help a person in rebalancing his personality and emotional state through these equilibrating processes.

Many hypnotherapist that have followed the school of dr. Paret use this technique for healing continuing the methods that were thought him by Prof. Erminio di Pisa and other Masters.

In our school we strongly believe that together the two approaches of Hypnosis and Fascination are very strong methods and we have found new interesting dimensions.

Why are the eyes so powerful?


Let’s us delve a little more in this secret. The gaze, when properly used, allows two people to come into really deep contact.

Have you ever been in love? And have you felt something powerful looking in the eyes of your partner?

Eyes are said to be the “windows of the soul”. Love, fear and any emotion can be read into the eyes. Looking into someone’s eyes always gives a strong and persisting impression. This is also backed up by scientific research results that have shown how the infants so strongly react to the gaze of parents and how this is important for bonding.

In our school we go even further developing these powerful methods, teaching people how to learn the secrets behind it.

We can in fact be able to use it in a positive successful way.

In this article we are offering you some very rare and precious elements of this ancient knowledge.

In hypnosis and for holistic practitioners the gaze can enrich people therapeutically and open new dimensions. Thanks to the profound state that we can create, deep change is facilitated, instant regressions occur and it is possible to instantaneously release aches, tensions, and even healing deeply unconscious problems with stupefying ease. The power of chenge of the gaze has been shown by many scientists (for exemple this is a link to a research published by University of Chicago that sais that gaze can create physiological changes : http://www.jstor.org/stable/2778851?seq=1#page_scan_tab_contents)

When the mind is deeply entranced, strange psychic phenomena can also occur that seem as telepathy: it seems as if the minds of the people involved get into contact. Jung called them also synchronicity. With the gaze this happen more often.

The powerful method that Dr. Paret uses, has been long time researched and it is exclusive of his School. It had been always kept secret and only transmitted from mouth to mouth. His Masters were named Virgilio T. and Erminio Di Pisa, very succesful practitioners.

Some elements have been scientifically proven only recently. We will call it therefore the Hypnotic Fascination the technique that we apply with incredible success and into which Dr. Paret was personally initiated.

At the same time you also need to know that real hypnotic fascination is not only physiological. It is also energetic. It taps in what the oriental call Chi or Prana. Additional personal exercises that we will help you to develop in our courses are necessary to be completely congruent and powerful. Please remember that any hesitations would be immediately perceived when looking into somebody else’s eyes. Therefore you also need to learn how to awake what is rightly called “personal magnetism” in yourself. This is a prerequisite to the most powerful hypnotic fascinations.

How to begin to tap in the power of fascination?

Here a very simple exercise to begin with. Go in front of a mirror at about 20 cm. Look at yourself between the eyebrowns, in the spot where the indian tradition put the ajna chakra (or even a little below). Don’t blink. At the begin it is not easy. After some days of exercise you will be able to keep your eyes open longer. The more you can stay without blinking the more your gaze will become stronger. You will also begin to feel some strange sensation. This is just the preliminary phase of training that can go very far. It exists also a self-therapy using the gaze, but the same power can be used in everyday’s conversations.

In a next article we will offer you more useful excercises.