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Mesmerism – an effective method for achieving balance and well being

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Nowadays in the busyness of everyday life we are more stressed and preoccupied than ever. Many people seek answers and guidelines to help them during hard times. There are powerful solutions to find this answer, an answer that is within us.

Finding the appropriate tools is the first step towards positive change and self help. The good news is that we don’t have to search very long, we can find genuine solutions in the wisdom of some ancient methods updated to the modern world. These methods can be extremely successfully for achieving balance, well being and better connection between our body and mind. The teachings of Dr. Paret have revived the true ancient traditions using the real method of mesmerism as an effective practise which has a lot to offer , gaining wide popularity and interest around the world.  Dr. Paret has done a very long research. These tools are useful for your personal change and should have their place in the practice of every effective and successful therapist that will enter in the domain of the non-verbal communication with his client.

What is Mesmerism? What are the benefits it has to offer us?

Mesmerism is a practice that uses non verbal communication (communication without words) to promote a particular trance state. Some people say that you “shift” the energy field within a client and it has a strong therapeutic effect. Some other view the reason for the results in physiological responses. In any case there results that are not achievable with other methods.

The term ‘Mesmerism’ is named after Franz Anton Mesmer, but its roots can be traced in the most ancient human civilisations as Egypt, Greece, India, where the shamans used the invoking of trance and ecstatic state as a method of powerful and deep healing among their communities.                                                                                                          

Some explanations

Originally Mesmerism was explained as powerful energy transference from the practitioner to his clients that has beneficial and healing effect and it is evoked even with no need of words but still affect our consciousness with a positive change.

As the results were undeniable, other explanations came. For example a very recent is the polyvagal theory that affirms that we put in action a very old part of or nervous system. Sometimes we have crisis that are a method through which the nervous system unfreeze itself. After the person feels better.

The power of the non-verbal

Mesmerism uses mainly non-verbal actions like fascination, touch, passes (strokes) , gaze and other methods to induce trance state and affect the body’s energy field. Mesmer believed there was an invisible ‘magnetic like’ fluid that ran through people’s bodies.

He also believed that when this magnetic field became unbalanced was when people became sick or experienced psychological problems. This phenomena he called ‘Animal Magnetism’, and in modern day terms is also similar in ways to methods like chakra balancing, reiki, kundalini, and energy healing. Like Mesmerism, these modalities all assume the presence of powerful energy within a person, and the need to balance and restore it to achieve physiological and psychological healing and well being. The method of magnetism is a way of restoring the vital energy within oneself, and our natural state of being, and at the same time to recover our balance and harmony with universe ond others. The idea is that the illness is a blockage of this vital energy, and mesmeristic practices help in unblocking it and restoring our internal power. The effect of applying mesmerism techniques on people have strong therapeutic  results and there is a variety of different health and psychological problems  it can be very useful for.

Balancing the mind-body connection

Mesmerismus focus its attention upon balancing the mind – body connection and it is an effective tool in treating both emotional issues and psysical problems. The technique of mesmerism is evoking a state of trance and then the practitioner uses non verbal methods  to affect and balance the energy field or in any case the body-mind balance. This can be done by moving the hands over certain regions of the body without actual touching  or by focusing energy on different parts of the body through the power of energy of the mesmerist.  Gaze can be also used with strong results.

Mesmerism affirms that the power to heal, the strength within ourselves, the intuitive self, are natural authentic capabilities of the human being. This is showed by the fact that sometimes they can manifest themselves spontaneously. These capabilities in the contemporary world, are submerged by the critisism and over intellectualization that our minds use and the excessive desire of our ego to be in control. We can recover them only when we get in touch with our deeper original self. As we reconnect with our self, beneficial and fast results can be achieved, and living in this deeper connection with our selves and the others allows us to be more authentic, to feel balanced and to communicate in a more mindfull way. 

Mesmerismus wisdom

Rediscovering the wisdom of mesmerism , we can further learn that Nature is not separate from man but is a part of it, and the idea of sharing rather than separetness.

We can see that the more people live in the present and the more they are able to get in touch with their body, emotions and energy, the more sharing becomes natural and the need of separatness dissapears. This is yet another aspect of mesmerism where more clear mindful communication takes place. Using mesmerism we create a “common space” where emotions and states of mind are transmitted from one to the other. Healing at this stage is simple and effective, as the practitioner simply permit the other person to get in contact with his true nature. Mesmerismus teaches us to listen our intuition and inner voice, developing them through specific exercises.

A first step toward our personal change is to know how to stop our internal chattering and overcome the dominance of the logical and categorizing part of our psyche that prefers logic, categorization and criticism. It is our ego that makes decisions and plans, worries and blames, and which, most frequently – chatters endlessly, sending a constant stream of memories, images, and thoughts through our mind. But ancient wisdom shows that there is also a different way. Ancient societies lived in a more perceptive intuitive and real way, relying on their inner powers that we must rediscover.

Learning Mesmerism

Learning Mesmerism  will develop more our own internal knowledge, inner energy and the natural strength of our organism that we all have and we were born with, but yet we need to awake and discover. This way the techniques and methods of mesmerism enhance our presence, comfort , mental and physical health and make us feel more stable in all different areas in our lives.